8-Week Birth Prep & Embodiment Program

Birth with confidence. Ready for an extraordinary birth? Come join us!

Feeling fully prepared for birth means that you can feel at peace knowing that you are ready no matter what comes up.

It means training deep embodied knowledge so that you can anticipate each step of the way whether this is your first time, second, or more. You've faced your fears & are ready to flow with your body's natural wisdom. You are clear on what you desire and lead your team with confidence.

You are fully surrendered in your embodied natural wisdom, relaxed, calm, and peaceful because you have the tools, you’ve put in the practice, and you know you’ve got this!

Welcome to beyond birthing!

Fall in love with giving birth

This program is specifically designed to prepare you for every step of the way.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the mechanics of birthing so that you can feel empowered to lead your labor with a clear understanding of this physiological process.

You will learn how to release your fears and anxieties about giving birth at the subconscious level, training in deep relaxation and trust in your natural wisdom to birth gently and powerfully.

You will also release past and generational birth trauma that can affect your labor, connect to and love your body, and develop the confidence and surrender to birth with a deep sense of peace.

Whether you would love an unmedicated natural birth or are expecting a medically advised induction or cesarean section, this course will help change your birth for the better.

Mamas, doulas, dads, and other support persons are all welcome! 

This is the first time we are offering the beyond birthing method in self-paced modules, so as a BONUS this session includes BOTH the 8 online modules AND weekly live coaching calls! I am thrilled to be able to offer this bonus, and so excited for the women who are called to this program!

Love it, sign me up!

"My first birth left me feeling powerless and unfulfilled, like I had been cheated of my labor experience. With Marin’s help and guidance, I was able to identify my fears and construct an alternative, affirmative reality for my upcoming labor. Marin enabled me to take responsibility for and own my labor experience in a deeply personal way. She armed me with tons of information and practical exercises simple and memorable, arming me with a toolkit I drew on consistently through my labor. I can’t thank her enough!"

Georgina C.

The Program

This is a tase of what you can expect in the beyond birthing program!

Module 1: Welcome & introductions, setting intentions, & preparing for a successful journey.
Module 2: How is pain created in labor? What are the mechanics of labor? Releasing fears & past birth trauma for a safer, calm, & blissful birth.
Module 3: The phases of labor & breathing techniques. Training for labor with embodied affi
rmations & generational birth trauma release.
Module 4: Exploring labor 
positions, physical preparation, & exercises. Visioning your dream birth, & deeper fear release coaching.
Module 5: Strengthening your voice & self-advocacy. Learn your options, typical interventions, & create a clear birth plan for your team.
Module 6: Partner Workshop! Bring your partner to learn supportive techniques, tools, & roles.
Module 7: Developing the deep faith & surrender that will carry you through your birth.
Module 8: Special Circumstances: C-section, Pre-Eclampsia, Induction, Breech babies.

We will meet live on Tuesdays beginning April 12th at 2pm PST (5PM EST) (if you are due sooner, see below).

I'm ready, let's do this!

You are ready to let go of your fears and begin to dream about what birth can be, and you are so worthy, beautiful, of a magnificent birth, so let's get started!

Yes, I'm in!

"I learned a lot and gained a lot of tools. Which were amazing for assisting me in my unmedicated pain free labor. And my rushes (contractions) were not painful, even while on pitocin. It was not anything like my other births. It was amazing. I would highly recommend her class!"

Joyce C. K.

Do you have questions or are you due sooner?

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