Beyond Birthing Course

Get ready for an incredible experience of birth. In eight weeks you will gain a clear understanding of the physical, emotional, and mental process of birth.

This transformative journey will prepare you to have a smooth, comfortable, and safer labor. You will be the able to surrender to the wisdom of your body, make knowledgeable choices about your care and process, and most importantly enjoy your birth and postpartum experiences.

What is included:

  • 8 weeks beyond birthing course with an ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator and Transformational Coach
  • supplemental course materials and video instruction
  • postpartum integration call 1:1
  • postpartum celebration call with the group
  • ongoing support via live weekly calls and messaging

We are so glad you are here, and can't wait to welcome you into the Beyond Birthing course!


May 28th - July 23rd (no class June 25th) Tuesdays 1-3pm on Zoom

August 20th - October 15th (no class Sept 17th) Tuesdays 1-3pm on Zoom

Recordings and online paced version available by request.

Note: FSA and HSA funds can be used to pay for Childbirth Courses, including this one! Check with your plan provider for details.

Payment plans are available, you can sign up for a:

three month plan, or a
four month plan here.

I believe in every woman having access to a positive birth experience, so if these prices are out of your budget, please send me a direct message to [email protected]. If I have the availability, I will happily negotiate a sliding scale payment option.

$1,480.00 USD

Postpartum support for you and your family, including 4 sessions to help you process the birth of your baby, integrate your new roles and family dynamics, and navigate motherhood.