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Institutions & Organizations


Breakthrough doubt and fear. 

Step into your purpose. 

Build momentum in your business.

What am I meant to be doing with my life? 

The possibilities seem endless, but so too seem the limitations, and with so many voices, inputs, and distractions, finding this answer can feel overwhelming and even hopeless at times.

And yet the call is there. A pull that you cannot ignore.

You are made to do something special with your gifts, talents, and wisdom.

Discovering what that is, is what we do in embodypreneur.

how to work with us

Signature Programs

Come into alignment with who you truly are, free from the conditioning of the past and limiting beliefs. Get clarity on your vision and begin to manifest your dreams.


From Exploring Intuition to the Transformation Game mini-retreats, our ongoing workshops are engaging, magical, and unforgettable. Check back often for new offerings

One on One

For those who are ready for a deeply transformative experience, this level of change work gets to the heart of your challenges and offers a path forward toward a clearly articulated vision.

Upcoming Program and Workshop Highlights

why transformation work?

There are no shortages of marketing, sales, social media, and time management classes that you can take; likely, you already have. You may have resonated with the strategies and wisdom, but at the end of the day, had a hard time executing, and the tools didn't seem to work.

We recognize that entrepreneurs face far more than external pressures in their business endeavors. On the road to success, we are each confronted with our own internal fears, anxieties, and limiting beliefs that can derail even the most well-resourced venture.

Embodypreneur equips and guides entrepreneurs to transform internal pressures into focused strengths and gifts to not only confidently navigate their businesses but also to be purpose-driven leaders in their families, communities, and industries.

Embodypreneur goes beyond spreadsheets and financial statements to the heart of your business - you! This journey is about turning inward to encounter the subconscious fears and expectations that are really running your business. We take you through a process to release, revision, and radiate, so that you can create and manifest from a space of deep alignment and clarity.

Whether you're in start-up phase, transitioning from a career, or ready to take your successful business to the next level, this journey will guide you to where you want to go.

Claire C.

What was most powerful for me about the mastermind was the supportive, nonjudgmental space to hear and be heard by other amazing people on a path similar to mine. The community that Marin created in our small group was incredible.

What I achieved was clearing out judgment or resistance about what I feel so that I can simply be in the moment. Clearing out limiting beliefs and realizing that I am capable. Clearing out a scarcity mindset and inviting in abundance, grace, and acceptance.

For Institutions

Programming and Workshops for larger groups, gatherings, and ongoing support.

For Individuals

For those who are at a point where something must shift for you to have the success and experience that you desire.

Alice B.

Embodied Entrepreneur has been a godsend for me.  It was hard for me to break away from my career, with all that I had invested in it.  The course helped me gain the confidence to make the leap and I am already feeling very gratified.

Ready to take the leap?

We have a few more spots for the upcoming series Foundations of Embodypreneur! If you are ready to discover your purpose and make your dreams a reality, join us below.

I'm ready!