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Prepare for a powerful, peaceful, and natural birthing experience — perfectly tailored for you and your baby. 

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Beyond Prepared

Few women are truly prepared for the experience of labor and delivery. Despite our best intentions, we can become overwhelmed by fear and loss of control, and end up giving over our power to a medical team. We can lose ourselves and our center and end up down a road of cascading medical interventions that we never intended to take.

beyond birthing provides you with all the tools you need to fearlessly navigate labor and delivery — giving you the confidence to fully embrace the transformative experience of childbirth.

The Beyond Birthing Method

beyond birthing is a comprehensive labor and delivery prep course that works alongside your relationship with your maternity care provider. We empower you to move beyond merely learning "what to expect," by prepping you with a practiced mindset and readily responsive body so that you can be relaxed, present, and serene throughout L&D. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you're seeking a better L&D experience this time around, prepare for a birthing journey that goes:

Whether you need guidance in choosing a maternity care provider or are already working with a hospital, birthing center, or midwife, beyond birthing provides you with all the tools you need to navigate the logistics of L&D. Together, we will create a beautiful birth vision to share with your support team so that when labor comes everyone will be working to create a childbirth experience in accordance with your specific wishes and desires.

Too often, L&D is framed merely as a medical procedure in which the professionals “know everything” and women move passively through the process as the experts tell us what to do and when to do it. The inevitable gap between what our bodies naturally want to do and our need to please, follow orders, and be "good patients" creates tension in our bodies. As a result, L&D far too often becomes a runaway negative feedback loop of excessive pain, loss of control, stalling of labor, and emergency measures. 

None of this needs to happen. Beyond birthing will teach you what is in your control during L&D, empowering you to advocate for yourself with your team so that you can command and design your ideal L&D experience. You will walk into your delivery room with confidence, knowing exactly what you're doing—because you will!

Your body is tailor made to deliver your baby into the world — it has everything it needs for a smooth, deeply satisfying labor and delivery experience.

We will coach you on the true sources of pain in labor. You'll learn all about uterine anatomy and the muscular mechanics of labor, reframing the L&D experience so that you can surrender to the natural rhythm and power of your body while remaining present and in control.

Equipped with an understanding of the physiological processes in play, we'll dive deep into fully welcoming the subjective experience of L&D. We'll create tools that you will use to visualize, relax into, and genuinely honor your transformative journey into motherhood—whether this is your first, second, or subsequent childbirthing experience.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you've given birth before, you likely have an idea about "what to expect" in childbirth. We all have inherited stories about what childbirth is like from friends, relatives, and the culture in general. Perhaps most important is the story that every one of us carries of our mother's tale of giving birth to us. This story, in turn, is connected to the story she inherited from her mother, and her mother before her, and so on through the generations.

We will examine our stories, both personal and cultural, investigating the many ways they form self-fulfilling prophecies about the childbirth experience that are passed down from generation to generation. We'll release our stories with gratitude for serving us and our ancestors thus far. We will then break the chain by revisioning our own birth story in preparation for an empowered initiatory experience into motherhood that can change the story not only ourselves, but also for generations to come.

Fear plays the number one role in both creating pain in labor and spurring on a cascading sequence of measures that result in increasing levels of emergency interventions. We will transform your fear into empowerment by first recognizing and then releasing our fears about childbirth. We reframe beliefs about labor and delivery by learning techniques to be present with your body's natural rhythms in a deeply participant and relaxed way. We will tap deeply into our feminine and connect with the divine wisdom within each of us. Through this deep dive into the chthonic depths of our being we find the courage and strength to face the unknown creative depths of childbirth without fear.

Furthermore, we will discover depths of support within that will not only be with us during labor, but will also sustain us through the challenges of motherhood to come.

Time to radiate. Successful completion of this rite of passage can be a profoundly healing experience that provides us with far more than an individual empowered birthing experience. The birth of a child is a rite of passage that provides the rarest of opportunities to heal deep personal and ancestral wounds.

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Individual Coaching
The Beyond Birthing
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Postpartum Processing

Watch "the Top 3 Things you Need for a Natural, Physiologic, Fearless Birth"

This video is loaded with goodies to get you started for a natural, fearless birth. Some of these may be the opposite of what you are doing now! Take a peek and get started with these three prep secrets for the fearless natural birth you deserve.

"When Marin and I connected at the very end of my pregnancy, she managed to help me turn 180 degrees – from being afraid of my upcoming labor experience to feeling empowered and even confident – in just a handful of sessions. Without her, it’s very possible I wouldn’t have had a successful VBAC after a 20-hour labor."

Georgina C.

Private Sessions:
Beyond Birthing Course
for Mamas due Anytime

Enjoy our 8-week program to gain mastery over labor and delivery in addition to 1:1 private sessions, OR schedule a last minute prep session or partner support session.

This is for mamas who have a shorter timeframe to prepare (we have worked with women within days of their due date!) or those who would love to work one on one.

Open Enrollment:
Beyond Birthing Course
for Mamas due August through November

This 8-week transformational birth course will prepare you to release your fears and anxieties, get clarity on your options and what you want, and radiate confidence and peace throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey.

Rolling Enrollment by Cohort
Last day to enroll for end of Aug/Sept due dates June 30th
8 Week Course + 2 Postpartum Sessions


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