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The Beyond Birthing Method

Birth with confidence,
ease, and joy.

Being fully prepared for birth means that you can feel at peace knowing that you are ready for anything, while creating the experience you desire.

  • train your body and mind to respond to labor in positive and desirable ways.
  • embody the deep wisdom of your body as it is meant to be.
  • anticipate each step of the way whether this is your first time or second plus.
  • face and transform your fears so that you can flow with your body's natural wisdom.
  • get clear on what you want to experience from your birth.
  • lead your birthing team with confidence.

Experience being fully surrendered in your embodied natural wisdom, relaxed, calm, and peaceful with the tools and practice for an incredible birth.

Welcome to beyond birthing!

Fall in love with giving birth

This program is specifically designed to prepare you for every step of the way.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the mechanics of birthing so that you can feel empowered to lead your labor with a clear understanding of this physiological process.

You will learn how to release your fears and anxieties about giving birth at the subconscious level, training in deep relaxation and trust in your natural wisdom to birth gently and powerfully.

You will also release past and generational birth trauma that can affect your labor, connect to and love your body, and develop the confidence and surrender to birth with a deep sense of peace.

Whether you would love an unmedicated natural birth or are expecting a medically advised induction or cesarean section, this course will change your birth for the better.

Mamas, doulas, dads, and other support persons are all welcome! 

Enrollment for Beyond Birthing courses is cohort based. Sign up with your due date and we will place you in the group that will prepare you in perfect time for your birth!

We are currently enrolling for due dates from August through November.

Last day to enroll for end of Aug/Sept due dates June 30th.

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"My first birth left me feeling powerless and unfulfilled, like I had been cheated of my labor experience. With Marin’s help and guidance, I was able to identify my fears and construct an alternative, affirmative reality for my upcoming labor.  Marin enabled me to take responsibility for and own my labor experience in a deeply personal way. She armed me with tons of information and practical exercises simple and memorable, arming me with a toolkit I drew on consistently through my labor.  I can’t thank her enough!"

- Georgina C. (Successful VBAC)

The Program

What you can expect in the beyond birthing program:

This week will welcome you into the beyond birthing method, introduce you to key practices and mindsets to get the most out of this course, and explore what is truly possible for your labor and delivery experience.

In this week you will:

  • learn¬†the keys to creating a successful birthing mindset for a¬†positive¬†birth experience.
  • clarify your intentions for¬†the course.
  • experience a deep relaxation meditation to open and set the sacred space and welcome deep support for your intentions.
  • begin to unearth your beliefs and fears¬†around childbirth,¬†to open up the possibility for natural momentum and progression forward through your labor and delivery.
  • receive suggestions for supplemental reading and resources to support your further exploration.

This week deconstructs the sources of fear and expectation in labor and delivery and how these beliefs can hinder your body's natural ability to painlessly birth your baby.

We will cover:

  • how your birthing muscles work in perfect harmony to birth your baby painlessly and smoothly.
  • how to¬†steer clear of¬†the typical path of pain and overwhelm often associated with birth.
  • fear release techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
  • processing past birth trauma for a safer, more peaceful, & blissful birth.
  • Meditations for healing and processing past birth experiences to create positive¬†space and momentum¬†for your current birth.

This week you will:

  • learn about the arc of labor through a narrative¬†lens to¬†move through the process of labor and delivery with confidence and clarity.
  • intuitively¬†know exactly where you are and what to do as you progress through the phases.¬†
  • practice¬†breathing techniques appropriate to each phase of labor to promote relaxation and encourage your baby's progression through the birth canal.
  • learn a special technique to¬†condition your mind and body to respond to labor with intentionally chosen responses.
  • address the impact of¬†generational birth¬†patterns on the birth experience¬†to create more spaciousness¬†for the birth you desire.
  • deepen your connection with your body and your baby so that you can tune into and respond to labor signals in a supportive and empowering manner.

This week you will:

  • create a detailed vision of your dream birth to¬†ignite¬†the manifestation¬†field and bring this experience into reality.
  • learn effective labor¬†positions for each phase of the journey.
  • practice physical exercises to prepare your body for the intensity and endurance of labor.
  • continue to clear out fears and receive deeper coaching.
  • explore aspects of your life that may¬†require some attention or alignment¬†to fully surrender to the experience of giving birth.
  • strengthening your voice & self-advocacy.
  • learn your options, typical interventions, & create a clear birth plan¬†to share with your team.
  • reclaim your authority to lead your labor and delivery with confidence.
  • build a powerful tool to condition your subconscious to expect and proactively¬†manifest¬†a positive birth experience.

Bring your partner to learn supportive techniques, tools, & roles.

  • clearly define and share the ways in which you would like your partner to support you in labor.
  • create strong communication channels between yourself and your partner so that you can flow together as a team during labor.
  • practice¬†two different types of hand massage and other techniques your partner can use to help you relax during labor.
  • create space for your partner to share their expectations and desires for labor and the ways they hope to and can support you¬†explore bonding exercises with your partner to strengthen your connection and create positive emotions and amplify endorphins for your birth!

Developing the deep faith & surrender that will carry you through the last potent week of your pregnancy and through your birth.

  • The difference between physical and emotional pain and how to navigate emotional processing in labor.¬†
  • Surrender of your own free will, or be dragged through the process.
  • Cultivating faith through a process that will test every part of your being and fortitude.
  • Getting clear on your motivations and commitment to yourself and your baby as you¬†embody and embrace the¬†confidence of being a mother.

Module Eight: Delivering Your Placenta & Special Circumstances

This final week will cover delivering the placenta and immediate postpartum experience as well as a few common special circumstances.

  • inductions: the difference between preparing for a marathon versus an ultra-marathon with strategies and tips for a positive and successful experience.
  • the psychosomatic causes of breech and¬†processes to turn your baby.
  • preparing to deliver your¬†placenta, options, and possible interventions to look out for.
  • healing after birth and expectations for recovery.

In this empowering postpartum one-on-one call, you will have the opportunity to walk through your birth experience from start to finish, being witnessed for the triumphs and challenges, while receiving deep coaching to process and integrate your experience. This intimate and nurturing session provides a safe space for you to reflect and integrate your labor and delivery experience. Sometimes in the midst of the process we can miss how truly amazing we are and the clarity with which we have fulfilled our hopes and intentions; the insights you will receive from this session will ground and strengthen your confidence and deepen your experience in a beautiful way!

Come back together in this supportive container one last time to celebrate and share birth stories and experiences within the group and reflect on the journey to deepen your integration and empower your path into motherhood.

We will meet live on Tuesdays beginning March 5th at 1pm EST (10AM PST) (if you are due sooner or can't make this time, see below).

"I learned a lot and gained a lot of tools. Which were amazing for assisting me in my unmedicated pain free labor. And my rushes (contractions) were not painful, even while on pitocin. It was not anything like my other births. It was amazing. I would highly recommend her class!"

Joyce C. K.

Ways to Prepare for Your Birth

Ready to let go of your fears and experience what birth can truly be?
Let's get started!

Individual Sessions


  • Customized to meet your needs and schedule
  • Three session types to choose from including a partner birth session

8-Week Group Series
Rolling Enrollment


  • 8 week series using the Beyond Birthing Method
  • Supplemental course materials and video instruction
  • Postpartum personalized integration call
  • Postpartum group celebration call
  • Ongoing support via live weekly calls and messaging

8-Week Group Series with 1:1 Support


  • 8 week series using the Beyond Birthing Method
  • 4 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Supplemental course materials and video instruction
  • Postpartum personalized integration call
  • Postpartum group celebration call
  • Ongoing support via live weekly calls and messaging

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