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for Pregnancy, Birthing, & Postpartum

Guided meditation is an important and effective way to increase relaxation and comfort in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. These are some of the meditations that we use within our Conscious Carrying and Beyond Birthing programs to create the positive and empoweringĀ pregnancy and birth experiences that Beyond Birthing mamas rave about.

Whether you are just starting your pregnancy journey, preparing for labor and delivery, or want to process your birthing experience, these meditations will take you on a journey that will guide you to a deeper sense of peace and rapport with yourself, your baby, and your experience.


Practicing relaxation BEFORE giving birth is an integral part of successful birth preparation. One of the best ways to practice relaxing your pelvic muscles is by relaxing your jaw muscles. These parts of your body actually mirror each other and by relaxing your jaw, you automatically relax your pelvic muscles.

This meditation will guide you through a face a jaw relaxation that will have you feeling calm and so good!

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Giving birth is one of the greatest and more intense experiences of your life. Processing and integrating this intense experience is critical to your postpartum wellbeing.

Both soothing and powerful, this set of two meditations will help you begin or continue the work of processing and coming to peace with traumatic or challenging birth experiences and celebrate this potent rite of passage.

These meditations are great for processing prior birth experiences no matter how much time has passed, or your experience of your own birth if you are a first time mama!

Play the video to listen to a sample.

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Your bond with your baby begins even before you become pregnant. The more connected and in sync you are with your baby the more easeful your pregnancy and birth will be. This connection carries through into infancy and beyond.

This meditation will help you connect with your baby in the womb and give you a deeper sense of ease and fill you with love and sweetness!

Play the video to listen to a sample.

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