Life's journey can often feel like stumbling through the dark, with a destination in mind, but no idea how to get there.

What if you had a roadmap tailored just for you and your loved ones?

Our workshop series is designed to illuminate your path, empower you to reclaim your energy, and guide you toward embodying your authentic self.

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The greatest gift of these sessions is realizing how perfectly and uniquely designed you truly are. This sense of self-worth and love for who you are made to be will infuse your life with a magic potency. This series is focused to help you recalibrate to your true self and path, experience deeper love and appreciation for yourself and others, and create more freedom in your life.

August: Power

Wednesdays, August 16, 23, 30
8-9:30 PM EDT on Zoom

Discover the secrets of your individual Human Design, gain valuable insights into your energy flow, and learn how to channel your power to create more fulfilling life experiences. Understand your personal energy type, reclaim lost energy, and learn how to align your actions with your unique Human Design to more effectively use your energy to create more of what you would love to experience in life.


September: Purpose

Wednesdays, September 13, 20, 27
8-9:30 PM EDT on Zoom

In this series, we'll use Human Design to gain insights into your life's purpose and discover a unique personal navigation system to clarify questions about your relationships, work, and life path. Gain clarity on when you are in tune with your purpose, recognize when you have strayed from your desired path, and confidently navigate life in harmony with your authentic nature.


October: Presence

Wednesdays, October 11, 18, and 25
8-9:30 PM EDT on Zoom

In this month's series, we'll use Human Design to explore the unique nature of your presence, how you encounter the world, and how you affect those around you. Uncover the beauty of embracing your authentic presence, and know the freedom that comes with being unapologetically yourself, allowing your unique gifts to shine brightly and positively impact the world around you.

What is human design?

Human Design offers incredible insight into what is happening under the surface of who you are, giving instructions to the way you show up in the world. Receiving this clarity often feels like an aha moment filled with relief and peace. When you can stop fighting against who you think you are supposed to be and simply relax into who you truly are, life begins to flow more clearly and smoothly.

Human Design combines astrology, the I-Ching, the chakra system, and a few other modalities to create a blueprint that details your unique expression and internal wiring. This map helps you to understand yourself and those you love on a deep level.

You can generate a free chart here to check out your unique map, which we will explore in our sessions.

Amanda A.

Using the tools of Human Design and Gene Keys, Marin was able to give me advice on how to grow and flourish, and most importantly, permission to be my best self. Marin clearly loves her work, and her enthusiasm is contagious! Her excitement for my journey helps me remember that life is a mystery to be savored, while she also shed light on the areas where I can come back home to myself. Just in one session with her, she gave me so much to work with, as well as helpful “home play” exercises so I can continue to blossom. I look forward to receiving more wisdom and clarity with Marin.

Kayla S.


Hallie J.

The reading itself was so accurate and really put into perspective pieces of my personality and the personalities of my loved ones. I gained awareness around certain family dynamics that are complicated and insight on how to better communicate based on all of our "flavors" and designs. Marin herself is a breath of fresh air. She brings nothing but peace and love to the session. Just talking with her feels like a warm hug, and the knowledge gained during the session, in addition to the warm hug, leaves you feeling refreshed and calm. I highly recommend participating in one of these sessions with Marin!

Marin Phoenix

Transformational Coach


Marin is a Manifestation and Embodiment coach who guides her clients to discover and walk in their purpose, fall in love with life, and develop a deep relationship with divine creative source. She loves to help people find and embrace their soul’s deepest desires and embody the magic of their hearts.

Whether helping her clients give birth to their dream lives and entrepreneurial expression or to their babies, Marin carries an embodied understanding of the cycles by which we live our lives and transform our reality. Marin helps her clients discover a sense of abundant possibility and align in body, mind, and spirit to their gifts and authentic expression, so that they can embody their highest self in the world.

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