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Remembering how to be present: connecting with your body

Aug 25, 2021

Years ago, as an operations manager at JP Morgan, I couldn't remember what it felt like to be in my body anymore.

I remember sitting at the edge of the boardwalk at Stinson Beach, looking out at the crashing waves and the laughing people, and just for a second, I tried to feel *relaxed*.

I kept trying to drop into my body and feel the release of all the worries and anxieties and just melt into the gorgeous surroundings and the warmth of the sun.


It was like I was trying desperately to get back into my body, but I was locked out, and the more I tried to relax the more I was terrified I would never be able to feel “me” again.

I sat very still, but I was a ball of tension inside and the tears welled up as I held my face taut against them.

We can get so caught up in trying to get it all done, or just survive the day, that we forget how to actually be *present*.

You take a quick sip of coffee or tea and run out the door, already feeling behind for all the to do’s for the day (and life)! Did I rsvp to that baby shower? What if the kids fight me on their nap again today?! If I don’t get that project done before my boss asks me about it again, he’s going to freak. How am I going to get this house cleaned up, take care of the kids, AND be prepared for client calls today!?

Carrying stress and tension, being in your head much of the time, and spinning in “shoulds” or “supposed to’s”, feeling like you’re stuck in an endless loop that is carrying you further and further away from connecting with and listening to your own inner voice and power.

Is this how it’s going to be forever?!

Hell no babe! You are a beautiful powerful co-creator of your reality and you are both capable and worthy of manifesting a life that is full of love, joy, and in flow with who you truly are.

You can start coming back into yourself and your body right now.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and reach out into your five senses,

  • What do you smell? Coffee? The scent of the coming rain? Is that a dirty diaper?!
  • What do you taste? Toothpaste? Citrus? Mmmmm that yummy smoothie?!
  • What do you feel? The breeze on your skin? The fabric of your shirt? The closeness of your baby?
  • What do you hear? The fan whirring? Traffic? Screaming babies?

Now open your eyes,

  • What do you see? The sunlight streaking through the room? People passing by? Laughing babies running around?

Dropping into your body isn’t directed by your head, it comes from recognizing how freaking powerful your magnificent body truly is! Feeling into the network of neurons and sensory bundles you have access to all the time, and giving yourself the space to fully feel. This is where it starts.

At a deeper level, there is so much inundating our nervous system from within: past experiences and trauma that are stored in the body, fears, beliefs about the way things are that are not serving us, etc. Doing the deep work to release these blocks is where the true release and healing comes from, as well as clarity about the way forward.

You’ve got this babe!

If you would love support for your specific situation, schedule a clarity call here; you can feel so free and alive again and build a life that you LOVE!😉

I would love more of this!

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