Go Beyond Birthing

Maybe you’ve given birth before and you had a traumatic experience and you’re thinking there has to be a better way, please don’t let me go through that again!?

Maybe you’ve never given birth before and you’re thinking there must be some way I can prepare for labor and delivery beyond just reading and going to my doctor’s appointments so that I can feel confident and in charge of my own birth!?

Or, maybe you’ve been saying to yourself that you really need to get your s-word (that’s what we say in my house!) together before you have a baby, and then find yourself pregnant and freaking out. You are so not alone!

During pregnancy, your intuition and creative power is at a high, so it is a perfect time to give yourself the gift of going on a deep exploration of your “self” before you take that next step on your mamahood journey.

So, whatever brought you here, you’re here for a reason and we’ve got you mama!

Our methodology consists of three powerful stages: Release, Revision, and Radiate.


Beyond Birthing starts by taking women on a deep dive through their fears and worries. Why is this important? In order to let something go, first you need to be willing to look at it. Just like cleaning out the closet or your storage unit. Sometimes there are boxes packed in there that you have forgotten about and don’t even know what’s inside! Or that sweater that an ex gave you that’s lurking in the back of your packed shelves. These things carry energy.

After you do a big purge, you feel lighter, right? It’s the same with our fears, worries, and stories about who we are that we’ve inherited or taken on from other people. These fears don't just take up space in our psyche, they actually block us from getting what we want, and even further manifest a reality we don't want. When we let them go we feel lighter, and more centered in who we really are. We have more space to create the experiences that we want. So, we bring everything up to the surface, and then we release what is not serving the birth you want to create.


This second stage is about getting super clear on what you would love to experience during labor and delivery. Without clarity, you’re just preparing for any kind of labor that may arise. This is letting labor do you. Instead when you have a crystal-clear vision of what you want, you can use powerful tools to manifest the birth you want. This is about you taking control of your own labor. This feels so good, both in the preparation, and when you are walking into the birthing center or hospital like you own the place! I know, because I did it! We will use powerful tools such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Manifestation Boards, Embodied Affirmations, Visioning, etc. This part of the course taps deep into our creativity and is super fun!


This is where we really lock in and celebrate the preparation you’ve been doing and the vision you have created. Just like in the prior two stages, we have a plethora of tools and exercises for you to use to practice all the way up to birth. We will get into the experience of deep labor (an echo of the feelings you will experience in deep pregnancy!) and bring in those magnificent partners to learn how they can best support you throughout your birth. This module is co-taught by a man for your man, so that he can really get on board with you. You will continue to work through any lingering resistance to an easy, comfortable, natural birth and deepen your practice of relaxation and confidence building that you started from day one.

We are so excited to guide you on this journey! Childbirth is an incredible opportunity in a woman’s life to find out just how powerful you truly are and what it really means to stand centered in your deep feminine power.

You can start at any time during your pregnancy, and you will have support the entire way until you meet your sweet baby. You will also have lifetime access to the online course, so you can go through it again for any babies you may have later on.

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