postpartum processing 

Hello rockstar mama. You carried your beautiful baby for nine months and made it through labor and delivery. Incredible. You’ve got a gorgeous little bundle who is demanding 27 hours of your day (haha!...but seriously).

But, wait, after growing an entire human inside of you, and going through a massively transformative process, what exactly just happened? Who are you now? Where did that girl go that existed before sleepless nights, play dates, and endless demands?

Whether this was yesterday or 30 years ago, you are invited into this space where you get to drop being “mom” for a minute and revisit what happened between those two pink lines and the sleepless nights.

Re-discover yourself through a journey of laughter, tears, and sisterhood as we release grief, shame, and remember how beautiful and brilliant we truly are.

Postpartum Processing Challenge!

Each day, for five days, you will receive an email with some healing magic inside. Join us in this exploration and reconnection to your beautiful self.

Join the Challenge!

Within this challenge you will...

- discover the mystery behind labor and delivery; what is birthing all about really?

- explore the layers of your own experience and be able to process any parts that are calling for your attention 

- explore if there is any part of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, or recovery experience that is keeping you stuck now

- discover how mothers pass their birthing stories down to their daughters and create generational patterns

- find healing, magic, and have fun connecting with who you truly are!

Challenge Day 1

Getting pregnant, growing a baby inside your body for 9 months, giving birth, and then healing and transitioning to new mamahood - holy wow! This is a huge journey that we don't often give ourselves time or permission to process. On day 1 you are invited to come back to your own birthing experience and maybe for the first time explore the deeper textures of your journey. The first step in integrating is witnessing where we have been.

Challenge Day 2

Did you know that we often recreate our mother's birth stories when we birth our own babies? On day 2 we will explore the generational threads that link our births through our matrilineal line. High five to you for doing this deep work so that you and your daughter(s) can experience a new reality!

Challenge Day 3

On day 3 we take a look at how our childbearing experience is currently affecting us in our lives. We will explore our how we feel as a mama, physical health and energy, how we feel about ourselves and our lives, our relationships with our partner and children, etc.

Challenge Day 4

On day 4 we will start to explore what you would love to create in your life. Who would you be if you were able to release these traumas and be fully at peace with your childbearing experience? What kind of birthing experience do you hope for your future self and/or your daughter?

Challenge Day 5

On this final day of the challenge we will go through a forgiveness/gratitude meditation to release shame and blame and reclaim a sense of light, power, and joy. This challenge is the beginning of a deeper process of encountering and moving through grief and release on our way toward feeling fully alive and whole. We will explore ways in which we can support you as you continue your journey.

Are you ready to go deeper?

Through this 8 week journey you will release the trauma that you have uncovered in this challenge, revision your relationship with your body, your baby, and birthing, and radiate your newfound brilliance into your life.

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