Transformation Game Day


"Mirroring life with accuracy, the game moves gracefully to the heart of any issue bringing insight, clarity, and resolution."

It's hard to describe the magic of The Transformation Game before personally having the experience. I have played this game many times with many different people with backgrounds and personalities as varied as the stars.

Each time, I am struck by the generosity of spirit embodied in the playing. The game and container we create throughout the day, beginning with a gentle welcome seeks to effortlessly inspire the highest, kindest version of ourselves allowing each person to be held with genuine open-hearted support.

What inevitably unfolds in this special environment is transformation, healing, and a deep movement of stuck energy. Leaving the space feels almost like stepping out of a protected time warp back into the flow of life, strengthened and renewed, and ready to move forward in a good way toward your desired goals and hopes.

I hope that you will take this leap of curiosity and join us to find out for yourself the magic of the Transformation Game and the incredible experience that awaits you.

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Katie M.

"It was amazing to come in, feeling anxious about my question, and somehow let go of a lot of fear that I didn’t really realize would be possible in the game. Honestly, I got a lot more out of the day than I even expected.

I feel much more complete in my identity of self. We were able to release so much as a group and individually. At the end of the day, I feel complete and I don’t have this feeling of fear about the future and about why I am here right now."


What is the Transformation Game?


This magical day includes: 

  • a full-length guided experience of the Transformation Game
  • coaching exercises throughout the day with Transformational Coach Marin Phoenix to deepen your experience
  • individual coaching as needed to help you move through blocks and deepen rapport with self
  • delicious food and beverages to nourish your body and delight your senses
  • a unique playing piece intuitively chosen just for you to take home!
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Caitlin C.

"From the minute that we started to play, the synchronicities just started unfolding and it was genuinely was a truly magical experience...Marin provided lots of thought-provoking questions and guidance and it was awesome to be a part of."

(listen to more of Caitlin's experience below)

You are invited! Let's connect.

I am so excited to welcome you into this enchanting space. I have seen an incredible impact in people's lives from playing this game, as well as my own, and I am passionate about bringing this experience to you! 

If you have any questions or would just like to chat and get to know me and Transformation work better sign up for a discovery call below. Chances are if you were drawn here, you will absolutely love this game and this experience is meant for you!

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Curious about bringing this experience to your organization or a private party?

The game takes about 7 hours to play with breaks for movement and supportive coaching exercises. If you are interested in forming a private party or bringing this experience to your organization this can be done over the course of one or more days. Please reach out to me via email at [email protected] to inquire further.