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Part I: Pregnancy: A New Frontier

Sep 26, 2020

And then, there it was. My next adventure…Parenthood.

I panicked, and a flood of memories came into my mind…sipping a latte at my desk looking out over the San Francisco cityscape from my office; relaxing on the beach in Fiji; arriving on the first day of my MBA program to find that I was the only one in a suit; presenting my regulatory implementation strategy to someone in the EPA; looking out over the ocean at a café in Big Sur and deciding to start our own company; waking up at dawn and jumping into my hunny’s BMW convertible and driving up the California coast looking for inspiration…was it all gone? Would I ever do anything like that again?

Two lines stare back at me. My heart skips a beat, I feel nauseated, elated, and terrified. Holy hell. I feel an unfamiliar sense of intimidation as I look out on the future and I see…well, I don’t know what I see, just unknown terroir.

 I’d always thought theoretically one day maybe...

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